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Online debt relief courses are now available!

A new online training platform with debt relief courses is available from today! Now, without leaving your home, you can seek the knowledge of our specialists in the field of restructuring, consumer bankruptcy and building a positive credit history.

Why did we decide to create such a platform?


For a very simple reason – lack of access to professional legal knowledge at an affordable price. We have worked with lawyers at Legal for a long time on a solution that will suit every budget.

Not everyone has the opportunity to use the help of a financial adviser or lawyer. Therefore, we decided to provide a tool in the form of a training platform with debt-free courses.

We give you three well-designed courses, recorded in the form of interviews. Each of them is on a different topic and has been divided into several lessons, which – depending on the subject – last from a few to several minutes.

What will you learn from the courses?


1. Consumer bankruptcy – start again! First of all, the course will tell you who and when can file for bankruptcy, why the courts pay special attention to equity and humanitarian considerations (and what they are). By participating in the entire course you will also receive answers to very important questions that everyone asks before deciding to file for bankruptcy, e.g.

  • What are the effects of its announcement?
  • Which debts will not be written off?
  • What will happen to the debtor’s property?

The training is conducted by trainee legal advisor. The course is accompanied by the book “Oddłużanie – Effective ways of getting out of debt” in the form of an ebook as well as other materials and templates of applications. 2. Restructuring – a way out of debt This course, step by step, will present the process of debt relief through restructuring. By participating in it you will learn many examples of the so-called “Debt spiral” and you’ll learn the basic steps to get out of them. You will also get many answers to very important questions, including such as:

  • Who can apply for restructuring?
  • What is restructuring and how is it to help the debtor?
  • What are the restructuring options?

The training is conducted by a restructuring specialist 


The course is accompanied by the book “Debt – Effective ways to get out of debt” in the form of an ebook, as well as other materials and templates for restructuring. 3. Positive credit history During this course you will learn the principles of functioning of the Credit Information Bureau and Economic Information Bureaus, how to work out a good point assessment in BIK and thus increase your credit standing. What is very important, thanks to this training you will learn how to interpret BIK and BIG reports and get answers to questions such as:

  • What are the rules for processing and providing data to BIK and BIGs?
  • What are the conditions for entering data in both registers?
  • When can you delete your credit history?

The training is conducted by lawyer Kamil Henne. The course is accompanied by the book “Guide to BIG and BIG – how to download, analyze and clear registers” in the form of an ebook, as well as other materials and application templates that will help you clean the registers.

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